Biocaine 2% Injection


Active Ingredient(Generic Name):  Lidocaine
Dosage Form: injection 
Manufacturer: Biochem Pharmaceutical 
Packaging: 13 ml injection in a vial
Strength: 2% 
Delivery Time: 6 To 15 days
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Biocaine 2% Injection 3-injection $10.00
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Biocaine 2% Injection 6-injection $18.00
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Biocaine 2% Injection 9-injection $25.00
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How to Use Biocaine Injection?

Biocaine 2% Injection can be imbued by clinical subject matter experts, trained professionals, or clinical guardians. The self consequences are totally prohibited with this solution. Avoid Overdosage of Biocaine Infusion as it can incite certified clinical issues.

Side Effects Lidocaine Injection

Major:- Migraine, Heartburn, Ridiculous and cloudy pee, Visual irritation, Deafness

One should search for clinical help immediately if these secondary effects are found.

Minor:- Flushing, Restlessness, Queasiness, Palpitations, Nasal obstruction these incidental effects can continue onward for 4 hours or more in case the time outperforms the search for clinical help immediately.

Other Useful Meds

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3-injection, 6-injection, 9-injection


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